Human beings are so busy that they forget to take some break to meet our real existence, nature. Every human should keep in mind that if we take care of nature, it will make our life healthy & smooth. We should maintain our relationship with nature beyond our ready-made daily life.

There are many amazing places in India where we can spend a charming moment with nature.

Odisha, one of the beautiful states, presents its beauty through its geographical characters. It has wildlife, flowing river, hills, falls, marine life, etc.

1.Kapilash hill, Dhenkanal district

Gives charming beauty to nature. One can get a joyful ride towards its peak. It has temples surrounded by amazing wildlife. One can go there through steps from the base of the hill. There are two approaches to the temple. The temple is almost 60 feet tall. Can reach one by climbing almost 1350 steps and the other is thru Barabanki or travelling by the twisting way. King Narasinghdeva I of Ganga Dynasty constructed the temple for Sri Chandrasekhar in 1246 CE as indicated in the Kapilash temple inscription.The whole journey will give fabulous moments for bike lovers as it makes the journey full of adventure by its natural beauty.


2.Taptapani, Ganjam district

This place is famous for a perennial hot spring of Medicinal Sulfuric Water.The whole place is surrounded by a cluster of hills and charming thick forests. The name “Taptapani” also suggests that, “Tapta” means hot and “pani” means water. In addition with wonderful sights of sun rise and sun set, dreamy moon light with tribal dance & music, chirps of birds and sight of wild animals.About 1800 ft from sea level, it reveals its beauty with green wildlife of Flora & Fauna. There is also a deer park maintained by the forest department.It also gives a joyfull ride for bikers. 







Kashmir of Odisha

situated in Kandhmal district.At about 3000 ft from sea level,it presents its beauty that attracts the tourists to visit gain & again. It is callled asKashmir of Odisha” for its climatic similarity. The temperature level of Daringbadi has often been recorded below 0 °C. It is also famous for its production of superior quality of organic turmeric which already got the G.I. tag. It is also famous for ginger harvesting.

Surrounded by vallyes & plateaus and dotted with coffee, pepper gardens.It’s the land of most ancient tribes of India “ Kutia Kondhas”, is the perfect gateway for people looking for adventure of  hills.Waterfalls like Daringbadi waterfall, Putudi waterfall, Dadubaba waterfall & Ludu waterfall are also famous.

Not only tourism but also Nature came, Birding ,Treeking, Jungle safari make your soul refersh with the stunning beauty of landscape of Eastern Ghats with rising sun. 






4.Koraput , district of Odisha

 located in the backdrop of green valleys contemplating immaculate freshness. Decorated by forests, waterfalls, terraced valleys and darting springs, the District draws the nature loving people.It is famous for its ancient tribes of Adivasi Communities.

It has an average elevation of 870 m (2,850 ft). Some major rivers of Odisha pass through the district Koraput like Machhakunda, Vamsadhara and Kolab. This district is also bestowed with waterfalls like Duduma, Bagra and Khandahati. The largest mountain of Odisha is also here, called Deomali along with Chandragiri mountain. Koraput district is famous for renowned places like Jeypur, Duduma, Sunabeda MiG factory, Bagra.