Pirate ships have ruled the oceans of whole world from the onset of civilization of human race.Those huge ships are been altered by huge cruises and carrier ships.Nowadays, those ships do not sail on the sea. But still people like you, who have opened this page, should have been satisfied by watching the miniature DIY craft ship model, I have made with some common ideas.

DIY Crafts

Here I have also described the procedure to build up a such handicraft, so easily, which may quench your innovative ideas and may succeed to create such a model.

The procedure I have illustrated through some steps but at first let us know the requirement to do so.

DIY Crafts


a) Cardboard
b) Ice cream stick
c) Chop stick
d) Match stick
e) Thread
f) Black, white and silver paper
g) Glue & Scissor




1> Here the backbone of the ship is cardboard. So at first the cardboard has to cut with proper length, width and height.

2> You have to prepare the bottom portion or vessel part first.

DIY Crafts

3> Just measure the cardboard like this and cut the needed ones as per the image.

4> Before you go for the adjoin of all card boards to provide the vessel its shape, you must cover one side of all the card boards with ice cream stick.

The use of ice cream gives a realistic look of the model as like as a original wooden pirate ship. You may add some extra colors for more perfect look.

5> Now fix the all separated parts together.


1> Point three marks on the Deck, as I did to fix the mast on it.

2> You may cut a hole at those points, through which the masts will be inserted just a bit to provide these enough strength to stand perpendicular. Otherwise if you have Glue Gun, no need of cut a hole, the tough & sticky material is enough to withstand the masts straight.

DIY Crafts

3> According to the size of the deck, I have prepared three masts, you may decide the numbers with respect to the deck you made.


There should have a house for sailors and other personnel. Hence a house is to be prepared.

DIY Crafts

1> The room will be made with one sided open. Hence prepare three sided wall room. Use cardboard of two bigger length(for the two side of room) cardboard and a smaller (For the back portion)

2> Make windows one each side as you wish.

3> Now cover the card boards with ice cream stick.

4> As per the size of four sides, build up a roof of cardboard and cover with ice cream sticks.

5> Over the room make a railing made of matchsticks. It gives a beautiful look.

6> Create a ladder made up of chopstick at one side.

7> You may add any other decorative artifacts if you want to look realistic.


In actual ships, sails are the large cloth ( naturally derived cloth because those days, plastic was not invented) which are hang from masts, such a way the turbulent wind of the ocean initiates a forward thrust to the ship to move on.

Some sails for speeding and some sails determine the direction of the ship.

DIY Crafts

1> Here I have used white paper for making the sails. Take a square piece of paper of size similar or slightly larger than the deck size.

2> Just fold a little bit to give a fluffy look as if it is having a high wind behind it.

3> Make such sail as like as the picture of different sizes. Remember one thing more sail You make the ship will look more gorgeous.

4> To give support to the sails, add chop-sticks at the top and the bottom of each sails.

5> Now join all the sails over the mast, separately made.

DIY Crafts

6> Originally these masts and sails are strengthened by ropes. Here we will use simple cotton thread. Use black color because over the white sails, the black threads will illuminate a perfect contrast. Attach one part of thread at the sail and the other part on the deck with glue.

DIY Crafts


1> Cut black papers as a circle which will appear as life tubes. Attach these on the ship deck.

2> Make railings at each side of the deck with matchstick or toothpicks.

3> Put a table made of ice cream stick on the deck.

4> Prepare two anchors of silver paper at each front side.

5> Use thread as much as you can, systematically, to make it more fabulous in look.

 DIY crafts

Now it is ready. Try this at home. If you have any problem in making this, please write in the comment.


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